Tuesday, April 30, 2013

COAST TO COAST - Adventures of Everyday People

Photo: Michael (Mick) Lord

 Coast to Coast - Adventures of Everyday People

Editor Note:
We welcome one of our readers, Michael (Mick) Lord, as he shares his upcoming adventure with the world...This is what HSA is all about... Everyday people sharing their adventures with the world... Welcome Mick, and thanks for sharing your fun with us!


This Friday the 3rd May myself (Mick) and my wife Julie will be setting off to cycle the 170 mile Way of the Roses route that goes from Morecambe to Bridlington, crossing from the West coast of Lancashire to the East coast of Yorkshire.
We are not regular cyclists, we were just looking for a bit of adventure over the Bank Holiday weekend, so the plan is to cycle it over 4 days from Friday to Monday staying in Bed & Breakfasts and a friends house on night.

The plan is to have a long first day around 50 miles from Morecambe through Lancaster, Settle to Malham on the first day, coming out of Settle there is a large hill that will almost definitely see us pushing the bikes up.

Second day onto York to stay with a friend and then to see how our legs, saddle sores are holding out as to how far we go for next two days. We are hoping to be going slow enough to enjoy it and take in the sights along the way and staying in B& B's has enabled us to keep the bikes as light as possible.

I will try up date as we progress if possible if not I will send my blog at the end of the trip.


Photo provided by Hannah Rollings
Race Me To The Pole - Wrap Up


Ahead of relaying the final installment on Gavin's trip, we want to thank all supporters of Gavin and Moving Mountains Trust throughout this expedition on behalf of Gavin himself and all of the Moving Mountains staff and beneficiaries.

100% of the donations will go towards projects in Kenya, Nepal and Borneo so make sure you follow Moving Mountains in the near future to see the fantastic projects that these funds will help support. 

The last re-supply checkpoint was at Cator Harbour on Sherard Osborn Island, right at the Northern Tip of Bathurst Island and at the 310km mark of the journey. Gavin and the team made it here on the 21st April. The re-supply plane picked up one of the guides, Steve, who unfortunately suffered from frostbitten fingers. As a precaution he was flown back to Resolute to have it checked out and we since hear he is doing fine. The re-supply plane brought extra food and fresh sat-phone batteries. These phones have been one of the only links between Gavin and the outside world, allowing us to exchange brief conversations, and relay information by text. In addition, the Yellow Brick GPS tracker unit has allowed us view his position at hourly intervals on the interactive map and also extract accurate Lat/Long coordinates. READ MORE AFTER THE JUMP

Monday, April 29, 2013

International GoPro Weekend 2013 Trailer...

Image courtesy of The GoWorldGoPro Project
It's finally here...

The guys at The GoWorld GoPro Project and Negative4 Productions have released the first trailer from the upcoming International GoPro Weekend 2013 movie.

HSA is stoked to have made friends with these guys and were lucky enough to get a sneak peek. Now the wait is over... The first trailer dropped today and we're happy to give it to you here.

Can't wait for the full-length movie to drop this summer!

Check it out below!

IGW2013 - Official Trailer from Negative4Productions on Vimeo.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Race Me To The Pole - UPDATE...

Photo provided by Hannah Rollings

"Race Me To The Pole"  - Update


Thanks to unseasonably good weather and high pressure over the Arctic, Gavin was ahead of schedule at an impressive 88km after just four days of skiing. However, there were indications that the spell of good weather would change, with low pressure moving over the Arctic. Sure enough, the bad weather came and conquered, with the team were camp-bound for 60+ hours. Let’s hope that the low pressure heading to the Arctic doesn’t cause too many disruptions on the Race to the Pole.

On the 10th of April Gavin had a 24hr stop-over at Polaris Mine. The once functioning mine produced 21 million tonnes of lead-zinc worth over $15 billion before closing in July 2002 after 20 years of production. At one time 250 people lived and worked there. Although the site is now closed and deconstructed, it still serves as a convenient checkpoint and re-supply point for adventurers and expeditions on this classic Polar route.

This was also the first opportunity Gavin has had to change his base layer of clothing after 6 days of skiing! The team were re-supplied with food and drink and also met some of the Canadian rangers who have been on patrol in the area. The Rangers warned of a female Polar Bear and cub in the area. Needless to say, the team gave a very wide berth to such a potentially dangerous animal. Luckily, they didn't come into contact. READ MORE AFTER THE JUMP

Monday, April 8, 2013

Adventure Bloggers Wanted... Do You Love To Blog?

Image Courtesy of www.thewritersworkshop.net
Do you love adventure? Do you love to blog? Have a story to tell... photos or videos to share?
If so, Human Spirit of Adventure would love to hear from you.

Human Spirit of Adventure is a community-based blog. As you well know, we are focused on adventure sports. Here you will find surfing, biking, hiking, kayaking, climbing, skydiving, or any other sport outside the mainstream that gets the adrenaline pumping.

As an adventurer, we already consider you a part of our community and would love to have your participation.

Human Spirit of Adventure’s goal is to let the world know the human spirit is still alive… and to gather those who share the belief that “Sometimes the journey is more important than the destination.”

So if you have an adventure story to tell, we'd love to be your platform for telling it to the masses. We'd love to feature your adventure photo's and video's as well... We will even set you up your own page with all of your contributed material. (See "Featured Guest Bloggers" in the right hand column)

If you are interested, send an email to sirfurproductions@gmail.com or message us on our Facebook page and we'll send you the details.

***P.S. - We are non-profit, so we are not able to compensate for stories, photos or videos

Friday, April 5, 2013

"Race Me to the Pole" Says Adventurer Gavin Bate...

Adventurer Gavin Bate (Photo courtesy Hannah Rollings)

‘Race me to the Pole’ says adventurer Gavin Bate


Tomorrow my boss and friend, philanthropist and adventurer Gavin Bate, aims to ski more than 550km from Resolute Bay in northern Canada to the magnetic North Pole. As part of the expedition, his aim is to raise £22,000 for the Moving Mountains Trust, an international development charity that he founded more than 10 years ago.
The ‘race’ to the pole will see donors pitted against Gavin in his journey across the thinning Arctic sea ice toward the Pole. Every pound donated by the ‘Donation Team’ is worth 25 metres of Gavin’s trek, and as he gets ever closer to the finish line the Donation Team will race to achieve their target of £22,000 worth of donations. Importantly, all of the money raised via donations associated with this expedition will go towards Moving Mountains Trust which supports sustainable development projects in Kenya, Tanzania, Nepal and Borneo. Gavin covers all overheads himself via profits from his ethical adventure company, Adventure Alternative. It’s well known that tourism is one of the most over-exploited industries, especially in the developing world. Breaking the mould, Adventure Alternative was formed on a strict ethical policy, employing locals and offering them a fair wage, with benefits.

Moving Mountains’ primary aims are to provide aid for the relief of hardship, poverty, suffering and inequality through education and vocational training, medical treatment, sport and employment. Most importantly, in my mind, all projects are developed over a number of years with the local community; the community’s voice is actually heard! After completion, they are handed over to the community to manage alongside the Moving Mountains committees in each country.

Everyone can follow the daily progress made by Gavin and the Donation Team via the constantly updated race record at racemetothepole.com and via a host of other social media streams. Thanks to Yellow Brick tracking we will receive Gavin’s location every four hours. It’s near impossible for the team to carry any other form of (functioning) electronics due to temperatures that often reach -35C. 

To join the donation team in the Race to the Pole, text ‘POLE13 £1’ to 70070. You can substitute the £1 with £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10. To learn about more about the expedition and to find out other ways to donate, visit the campaign website at www.racemetothepole.com

I’ll be back soon to update you on Gavin’s progress!

  • Gavin left the UK on March 27, 2013 flying via Ottawa and Iqaluit to Resolute Bay. 
  • Several days will be spent at Resolute Bay, packing and testing equipment. 
  • Gavin is due to leave Resolute Bay on April 6, 2013 to begin the trek to the pole. The team are expected to reach the Pole on May 4, 2013. 

Social Media: 

Facebook Facebook.com/racemetothepole

Twitter @MMTrust #racemetothepole

LinkedIn Moving-Mountains-Trust


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