Saturday, March 9, 2013

Adventure Week - Day 1... The Preparation

Saturday - Day 1

As expected, the winds are howling, so I'm glad that I planned this day for preparation. I was able to accomplish the things I needed to begin my adventure week and start the documentary.

First, I tuned up my bike. I tweaked the brakes, lubed the chain, made some small adjustments to the derailleur, and repaired a flat tire. I also packed up my biking gear so everything is ready to go.

Next I stripped the old wax from my good old Dewey Weber longboard and laid a fresh base coat, followed by a couple of layers of cool water wax. In Texas, the water temp is still 65 degrees so I also packed up the wetsuit. With surfing in Texas, you never know what you're gonna get... the forecast may call for waves, but you are skunked when you arrive; so I also pack my fins and snorkel, just in case. I also bring my handplane... I never miss an opportunity for a little body surfing as well.

Once my biking gear and surfing gear were ready to go, I sat about the task of learning to use the GoPro. That was an adventure all it's own, but I got it figured out, updated, and charged. I shot some test video just for good measure. I also placed the mounts on my bike helmet for some good POV stuff.

Surf is on the agenda for tomorrow... Peace out!