Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Photo: HSA

HSA Expedition Recap

Our adventure to the Oklahoma outback was exciting, fun, beautiful, and at times, quite grueling.
We started off leaving our home in Corpus Christi at about 2:00PM on Friday June 14 and drove straight on through to our destination in the Arbuckle Mountains.

We arrived at approximately 1:00AM and slept for a few hours in the jeep waiting for first light to set up our camp. As the first signs of light began to glow, just before the yellow ball peeked it's head above the horizon, we sat up our base camp and prepared for a long hike to the waterfall.

After several hours of hiking we reached our destination. There we found a beautiful 77' waterfall with an inviting natural swimming hole. As it was extremely hot out, I took a dip in the hole while 2 of my companions waded in the shallow stream created by the overflow.

After the swim, we ate lunch and began the trek back to base camp... all the while capturing footage for the HSA documentary. The hike back to camp was equally grueling. Once we were back, we sparked the fire and began cooking our dinner before laying our weary heads to rest.

The following morning, I sat out on an extreme hike to find the source of the creek that eventually lead to the waterfall. It was an arduous journey, full of rugged and steep cliffs, rocky ledges, and thick overgrowth that I had to climb and bushwhack my way through. The end result was worth the 3 day round trip as I was left with a sense of accomplishment, blessed with beautiful scenery, and the euphoria that can only come with being at one with nature.

On the 5th day, it was time to restock supplies and recharge the electronics. Shooting footage for a documentary deep in the middle of nowhere poses certain challenges, like hiking certain areas 2 or 3 times in order to place cameras, get the proper footage and angles. Afterward a break was much needed With my Dad living in Oklahoma, it was a natural choice to rest at his house before embarking upon the second part of the adventure.

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Phase 2 had us planning for boating, fishing, snorkeling, and various other water sports at Lake Eufaula. Lady Luck would only be with us up to a point however, as the recent heavy storm activity and rain run off filled the lake with Oklahoma's famous red clay.

There was no visibility for snorkeling and the runoff affected the fishing as well. We were still able to catch a couple of good blue cats and enjoy leisurely boat rides along the lake.

After 2 days at the lake, we returned to my dads house to rest up for the long drive back to Corpus.

It was a great adventure. One that left me craving more. As I drove down the highway Monday morning on my way to work in my coffin of glass and steel, I realized how much I miss being in the wild and at one with nature... it hasn't even been a week since my return... gotta get back out there... soon!

Base Camp - Photo: HSA

My son and daughter at base camp - Photo: HSA

Me at the falls - Photo: HSA

My Companions at the Falls - Photo: HSA

Base Camp at Nightfall - Photo HSA

Chilling on the Boat - Photo: HSA

Catch of the Week - Photo: HSA

Another good fish - Photo: HSA