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Take Care of Your Feet

There is no tool or equipment more essential to an adventurer than their feet. If your feet are not healthy, it rips the fun out of any adventure.

No matter the sport, if you hike, ski, swim, bike, surf, or anything else, your feet are essential to achieving your goals. 

When I was going through Army basic training at Ft. Benning GA and the first 20 mile road march was coming up, the Drill Sergeants gave us all plenty of good advice about preventing and managing blisters. They suggested keeping our feet clean and dry, wearing two pairs of socks, using mole skin on the hot spots, changing socks during the march, and finally (believe it or not) wear pantie hose. Yes, pantie hose.
Naturally, a bunch of testosterone-filled, infantry trainees were going to have no part of wearing pantie hose... till the second road march came along. As it turned out, pantie hose help considerably in preventing blisters and also improve circulation to the legs.

These days however, technology has much improved socks, boots, and other things that will help prevent blisters on your feet, but certain needs still must be addressed... like proper fitting footwear and keeping your feet clean and dry.

BMC out of the UK has a great article on their website about help with foot care on the trail. 

Their article explains some of the painful details about friction blisters, risk factors, prevention, treatment, complications, and more...

Check it out at the link HERE... Warning: Graphic pics ahead

Take care of your feet adventurers... they are an essential resource!