Friday, February 11, 2011

Epic Packery Longboarding

Tim Scott - Packery Channel     Photo - Joe Vulgamore
The day was New Years Eve, 2010 and Texas was blessed with a rather large and powerful swell.
Many of Corpus' surfers headed of to Bob Hall Pier to catch the golden nuggets known to exist there. Almost over looked, the jetties at Packery Channel were firing.

As the cold front neared, the offshores began to lightly blow, hollowing out the head-plus dumpers.

The High-Performance longboarders came out to play. Local standouts Tim Scott and Brandon Bunting put on a great show. Several others were in the line up as well and the day went smooth.

Check out more pics from New Years Eve... (4 more shots after the jump)

Brandon Bunting goes off the lip      Photo - Joe Vulgamore

Nate Lytle tries to get in and under               Photo - Joe Vulgamore

Tim Scott shows us how big it was              Photo - Joe Vulgamore

Tim tucks under                    Photo - Joe Vulgamore