Sunday, November 4, 2012

Extreme Adventure Vehicles Pt. 1

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One item that every adventurer dreams of owning is the ultimate adventure vehicle. The very thought of being able to access the inaccessible is one of the driving forces in an adventure.

Have you ever wished that you could have the conveniences of an RV, but knew there was no way your Winnebago was going to make it through that rough outback trail? Have you ever spent hours thinking of how to build the perfect vehicle for your adventure needs? Have you ever wished there was a vehicle on the market that would satisfy your taste for adventure? Well, there is.

This is the first of a series dedicated to Extreme Adventure Vehicles. These are not your average 4X4... no, this is a salute to the truly EXTREME!

One such vehicle (if you have an extra $80,000) is a custom Sportsmobile. These things are great. They are a 4X4 van with many options for customization. They can be as comfortable as they are rugged and will definitely get you where it is that you want to go. It's all up to you!

These vehicles passed the test in MOAB and Baja... they just might work for you.

Check out their website and all of the custom options HERE