Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Surfers Take On Sandy...

Photo by Credit: @kellyslater
For surfers, Hurricane Season is a mouth-watering, frothing time of year. Along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts, summer bring flatness and often the only hope for a big swell is a good ole hurricane.

Hurricane season comes as a mixed blessing to surfers. No one wants the destruction and devastation that comes with landfall. No one wants to see lives uprooted and the tragedy that families face in the aftermath. Texan surfers remember all to well the suffering that came with storms like Katrina and Ike.

But this year, a late season storm, Hurricane Sandy, dubbed by some as "Frankenstorm", brought a huge swell to Florida's Atlantic Coast, and with it were walls that rival Hawaii's Pipeline.

Many a pro surfer joined in the fun. Surfings most prolific icon, Kelly Slater, even got in on the action in his native Florida. Check out the video below...