Sunday, September 22, 2013


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Expedition - Laguna Madre

In our last post, "Expedition: Preliminary Talks", we hinted at an upcoming kayaking expedition in which HSA could be involved. The time has come for a few more details.

The concept of this yet-to-be-named expedition is a 120 mile kayak trip through the Laguna Madre in South Texas (see map below). HSA Founder, Joe Vulgamore, will paddle the three-day trip on a SOT touring kayak, camping at certain points along the way.

Still in the very early preliminary talk/planning stages this expedition is a paddle for charity event. The early concept is to raise funds for persons with intellectual disabilities. Until certain legal aspects are taken care of, we are not allowed to use the name of the charity in this post.

Basically though, the idea is for people to donate money for each mile paddled. The charity's Community Relation Director is working out the details on that, as well as trying to line up sponsors for equipment and gear, as well as a Title Sponsor for the adventure.

Plans are also in the works to obtain media partners. Everything from planning meetings and pre-expedition training to resupply points and POV video, will be video documented along the way and eventually put together as a full-length documentary.

The preliminary date for this expedition is early April 2014.

At this point, we can't say any more about the trip other than we, as well as our founder, are stoked and honored to be asked to be a participant in this event!

 Below is a map of the Laguna Madre with the tentative start and stop points, as well as the route through the Lower Laguna, the Intercoastal Waterway land cut (Saltillo Flats), and into the Upper Laguna.

Stay tuned for more info my friends!!!