Wednesday, December 18, 2013


IGW 2014 Is Coming...

Time is coming soon for the 3rd annual International GoPro Weekend. Our friends at The Goworld Project are already setting the stage for what is quickly becoming one of the biggest yearly events in adventure sports.

Read this blurb from their website...

What is International GoPro Weekend? IGW is an annual 3-day event in which we ask GoPro fanatics from around the world to film something using their GoPros. We then compile the footage they contribute to make a movie that shares our concurrent experiences from this 72 hour window… International GoPro Weekend! For IGW2012 we had 37 people from 14 countries submit content! For IGW2013 we had 127 people from over 40 countries. IGW2014 promises to be even bigger!

When is International GoPro Weekend? The 3rd annual IGW (aka IGW2014) will be held March 14, 15, and 16. Holding the event over a period of three days gives everyone the flexibility to pick a day to film that’s most convenient for them. However, it is NOT a requirement that your clip be filmed during this period; we just strongly encourage you to film on these three days, so that we can share our concurrent experiences.

How do I participate? To officially sign up, please send an email request to: We will respond with more details about the event, specifics about the content desired (resolution, fps, subject nature), general guidelines and how to go about submitting your clip(s) once IGW2014 has taken place. DON'T FORGET... we give out a ton of prizes at random for participation. In years past, we've given out: SD cards, GoPro accessories, stickers, posters, a HERO3 Silver and Black Edition!!! (Shouts out to GoPro for hooking up the cameras and gear!)

Check out the Promo Video Below!!!