Friday, October 19, 2012

EXPEDITION: Big Bend - Pt. 1 - The Destination

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OK, for the last month or so I have been trying to decide the destination for my next expedition. I have known for awhile that I want a multi-themed adventure but not entirely sure what I wanted to do, nor where I've wanted to go.
The foremost thought on my mind has been a hiking expedition. I'm talking about a rugged, nasty hike that will sap the strength right out of you... maybe throw in a rock climb or two and viola... the perfect getaway.

I have finally chosen the destination and set the time frame for such an excursion. I have decided that Big Bend Natl. Park shall be the destination, and the week of March 10, 2013 will be the time.

The main reason that I have chosen Big Bend is because of diversity. Big Bend has a multitude of choices for hiking. From desert hikes, to mountain hikes, to river hikes, Big Bend has it all. According to research from the National Park Service's website, "Elevations range from 1,800 feet along the Rio Grande to 7,832 feet on Emory Peak in the Chisos Mountains. Elevation changes produce an exception variety of plants, animals, and scenic vistas. Generally, hikers can expect a 20°F temperature difference between low and high elevation hiking areas." There are more than 150 miles of trails in a large desert expanse, each filled with adventure, just waiting to challenge me..

Yes... I do believe this will be a most glorious adventure. I will provide regular updates on planning the trip, preparing for the trip, and much more. Stay tuned for EXPEDITION: Big Bend!