Wednesday, October 24, 2012

GoPro HERO 3: The Ultimate Adventure Camera...

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When looking for the ultimate adventure camera, you can't beat the new GoPro Hero 3.

I'm not just saying that either... I'm not endorsed or sponsored in any way by GoPro, but I know what those cameras can do, and the new HERO 3 can do even more!
I mean this thing is totally cool... It can shoot 1080 HD video at 60fps or 720 at 120fps. It can shoot 12MP photos with a 30fps boost.

No matter what sport you are in to... surfing, kayaking, snowboarding, skateboarding, rock climbing... this thing is a must-have for documenting your adventure. You can mount it on your board, to your head, chest, wrist, or just about anywhere.

See all of the Specs HERE

Check out this video shot 100% with the HERO 3...