Friday, May 10, 2013

COAST TO COAST - Part 2... Adventures of Everyday People

A Breezy Start

Coast To Coast - Part 2


Way of the Roses 3rd-6th May 2013
We set off from Morecombe on the West Coast of the UK at 11am on Friday 3rd May, myself and my wife Julie had in reality not really done much training for this. We were enthusiastic to share a small adventure and explore some of our fantastic countryside that we had not been to before.
The route should have been 270km however some slight mistakes found us doing just 20km further our total route 290km, our total route can be accessed here:- Way of the Roses by mick2991 at Garmin Connect - Details

Fri 3rd
 11am we start from a cool and breezy Morecambe on the flat following the river Lunn out to Lancaster and then begin to climb out onto the Forest of Bowland. We were so busy chatting at this point that we missed the turning adding the extra 20k onto the route, not a good start.
We cycled up into the hills along quiet country roads and lanes passing through beautiful villages and countryside, stopping at a couple of tea shops along the way. Our aim that day was to get to Malham just the other side of Settle where our B&B was for the evening, we were tired as we got to Settle 5 or 6 hrs of up and down hill riding.
As we got into Settle thinking wow about 10k till we can rest at Malham we saw the hill that we had to get up "it was huge", we set off up in the saddle but quickly realised we had to get off and push for 45mins till the top, once at the top we had a nice freewheel into Malham for a quick bite to eat and then flop into bed exhausted. READ MORE AFTER THE JUMP...

Sat 4th and we were up fed sorted and on the road for 10am, Julie says this was the hilliest and hardest days riding on the route, we passed through some stunning areas through the Yorkshire Dales National Park and Nidderdale are of outstanding natural beauty, Julie was getting worried about the steep descent off Greenhow Hill as someone had unfortunately died in a bicycle crash on the hill. At the top of the hill you could look out and see the flatish Vale of York the view was absolutely superb with the moors on either side of us running down into the Vale.

The descent down Greenhow Hill was indeed steep with some sharp bends and lots of traffic, I think we both had our brakes on most of the way down, with one smaller hill in or way today and then flat all the way to Bridlington, that small hill after a long days cycling appeared massive burning our legs to get up and over.
We then spent the next hour fixing a puncture on the flattest smoothest part of the whole ride typical! At this point as well not being used to 6-7hrs riding it felt like torture everytime I had to get back on the bike and settle into the saddle, any opportunity to stand up was a welcome relief.

Sun 5th The weather was super riding along the river into York a friend had joined us for this part of the ride, "does a bank holiday weekend get any better than this?" We passed over old Toll Bridges, through villages having celebration weekends, through the bustle and history of York and out on some old Roman Roads, we passed through the historic Stamford Bridge where an historic battle took place just before the battle of Hastings. We were really becoming hooked on cycling as a way of travelling as you see things that you dont normally notice as we speed past in our car, we stopped to speak with lots of people about what we were doing, and had a shared sense of achievement.

Mon 6th our shortest day with a 40k run from Pocklington into Bridlington, we felt good, even my bum was feeling goodish or was it the thought of not having to sit on the saddle tomorrow. The weather was scorching nice relaxed riding as we closed in on the East coast we could feel the cool sea breeze, we both felt elated, pleased with our achievement, overall a better than average weekend away. We arrived in Bridlington and had ourselves a celebration bag of Fish and Chips. Our thighs were aching, we smelt a bit, but we loved it, Julie is already thinking "what shall we do together next?"

We did learn some lessons, of patience with each other, working together, get your bum used to sitting on a saddle, ride a bike with smoother narrower tyres, however we loved it.

Our next adventure for myself and Jack (my son) is the OMM Lite mountain marathon on 18th-19th May.


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