Saturday, May 11, 2013


Help Us Reach 250 Likes on Facebook...

Did you know that Human Spirit of Adventure has a Facebook page?

HSA is trying to reach a goal of 250 "Likes" by August 1.

If we reach this milestone, HSA will give away a grab bag of goodies to one of the 250 fans. The fan will be chosen at random.

"What's in the grab bag..." you ask?

We keep adding things to it all of the time, but currently we have included such things as a surfboard key-chain  a couple of bars of surf wax, a bunch of different stickers, a koozie, and a flashlight... there will be much more accumulated before the August 1 deadline.

Will you be the lucky winner? The only way to have a chance is to "Like" our Facebook page.

Get ON it!