Monday, May 27, 2013



Original Mountain Marathon A NoGo...


Last weekend I was all packed, tent, rucksacks packed with the lightest gear I could find, car ready to go bed early on Friday evening for a very early start Saturday to arrive at the Original Mountain Marathon Lite early on Sat morning ready to go.

Checked the website for any last min stuff as I got up on the Saturday to find the following message posted on the site:-

Dear Friends

It is with great regret we announce the cancellation of this weekend's OMM Lite and OMM Bike.

We will provide a full refund to all participants, however, for those of you who wish to join us the camping is free for the weekend and the meal for Sunday is also free. Hopefully you can then enjoy this beautiful part of the country as individuals rather than as an organised event.

All of us at OMM are incredibly disappointed that this has happened and wish to extend our sincerest apologies to all of you who have been inconvenienced.

We are in he process of personally calling all entrants to fully inform them of the situation. If you have any questions then please place a comment and we will answer as soon as possible.

Thank you for all your support

The OMM family,

Andy, Tom, Matt, Stu, Iain and Giles

We were really disappointed, but know that cancelling any event is not an easy decision, so we were left with a free weekend at the last moment.

On the Sunday we went to participate in a 3hr navigation trail race in the South Yorkshire Hills so all was not lost, we covered a very hilly 22k and would have been a bit more had it not been for a big dog that didn't want to let us through his field. Our course for the 3hr event

I had also arranged during the week to take a flight in a hot air balloon but this was also cancelled due to the high winds :(

Myself and Jack have another 2 day mountain marathon coming up in early July in the beautiful Lakedistrict area of the UK, we will let you know (hopefully) how we progress on that one. We will be doing the BEDAFELL CLASS for parents and their children.