Wednesday, January 22, 2014


HSA Challenge 2014...

It's time for the HSA Challenge 2014!

We introduced this concept in 2013 here on our blog with less success than we'd anticipated. But like all adventurers, we don't give up so easily

It's a new year and time to renew the challenge.

What is the HSA Challenge you ask? Well, simply put, we challenge you, our readers and fans, to add some adventure to your lives and document it for the world to see. Here is the concept...

Pick at least one day each week to do something adventurous
Document the adventure with photos or video
Share the adventure with us on our Facebook page (
And (most important of all)... HAVE FUN
That all there is to it...

Pics do not have to be professional quality... they can be shot with a cell phone in the crappiest conditions. Vids don't have to be professionally shot or edited... this is NOT an editing contest.

This is about human beings breaking away from self-imposed bondage and servitude by injecting fun and adventure into their lives. It's about rekindling that spark down deep within all of us. It's about showing the world that the human spirit is still alive.