Friday, January 10, 2014


Is This The Longest Wave Ever Ridden In Lagos, Algarve?

As Winter Storm Hercules ripped through the Northern Hemisphere, surfers from all over the world tried their chops on the beastly waves... most unsuccessfully. But in Portugal, one man was able to get a great ride that lasted for 100 seconds.

Alex Botelho paddled out at Batata Beach and paddled into a wave. He then stayed on it for an incredible 100 seconds

In an interview Botelho told Surf Portugal Magazine. “I didn’t expect to surf that wave, I passed by a friend that was surfing in the river, passed the pier, and suddenly I was in Meia Praia.”

Non surfers do not realize that most waves last on 6 to 10 seconds. A 100 second wave is quite rare. Less than a handful of places can a ride be found that long. Texas Tanker Surfing has boasted waves that can go for 20 minutes, but the circumstances are unique.

Check out the video of Alex Botelho and his 100 second ride

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