Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Handplane Project Pt. 2...

My handplane project is well underway. In Step 1, I used a jigsaw to cut the rough outline of the plane for my blank, and now it is ready for shaping.

I have had many thoughts on how to go about achieving the desired shapes and contours. A power sander comes to mind, but I think I'm going to go green on this one and do it all by hand.

"Why?" you ask?

The answer is simple... Bodysurfing is the purest form of wave-riding. With bodysurfing you are at one with the wave. With regular surfing, the board still creates a separation between us and the water. It sometimes gives a feeling that the wave is against us. Not so with bodysurfing.

Anyway... back to the project... There are several reasons why I'm doing it by hand. Shaping the wood by hand allows me to be at one with nature, putting care and love into the wood. Also, it is a green way to do it. Why add to the carbon footprint with an electric sander? The final reason (and the most important), is so that I have appreciation for what God and nature have intended.