Saturday, March 5, 2011

Movie Making...

After a long hiatus... well actually, I got to busy with the magazine... but after a long break; I have begun work on the long-forgotten "PackRats" movie.
More accurately, the new incarnation will cover all of the Corpus area surf breaks, to include: Bob Hall Pier, Packery Channel, Seawall, and a few others.

Late last night I began to review the storyboard and action clips, and I think it looks pretty good. Lot's of footage, both HD and SD, should make for a decent little flick. I've got lots of "lifestyle" footage as well.

No time frame on any release just yet... still in the early, early phases but looking forward to working it out.

Here's a little reminder... (Hint: The new one will be FAR less cheesy with FAR better waves...)