Friday, March 4, 2011

It's All About The Ride...

Packery Channel - 2010

Photo - Joe Vulgamore

Waves do not discriminate. Waves treat everyone and everything equally. Waves beg for us to join them on their journey, allowing us to free ourselves of our charade that we call life. As the waves speed along toward their inevitable deaths, they allow us to see that there is a difference between "life" and "living".

Waves do not care how you ride them, as long as you ride them. Why should we care how others choose to satisfy their lust for the wave, as long as everyone is stoked, who cares.

I often hear surfers complain about spongers, kiteboarders, and such. Why? Do they not have the right to enjoy Gods gift of the wave as much as the rest of us?
Now I understand the safety risks as far as SUPs, kayaks, and kites; A respectable safe zone
should be practiced by all. But there is no reason one should limit oneself to a particular discipline.

Below are just a few shots of several alternative modes of liquid transport... notice everyone is stoked?

It's not about "Life"; it's all about "Living"...
It's not about "the board"; It's all about "the Ride"

Boogie Boarding in SPI

Photo - Joe Vulgamore
Kayaking "South Packistan"

Photo - Joe Vulgamore
Kelly Norton is like a rocker down the line in SPI

Photo - Joe Vulgamore

Unidentified Kiteboader in SPI

Photo - Joe Vulgamore
This Skimboarder snaps a big 'ollie' down in SPI

Photo - Joe Vulgamore